We Repair and Service the Following Monitors and CRT Projectors

Hantarex MGG 15EQ/HR

Hantarex MGG 21EQ2

Hantarex MGG 25EQ2

Hantarex MGG 28EQ2

Hantarex MGG 21EQ3

Hantarex MGG 25EQ3

Hantarex MGG 28EQ3

Barco OCM 2840

Barco SCM 2850s

Sony PVM2130

Sony PVM2730

Sony PVM 2950

Barco 800/801s crt projectors

Sony VPH 1031/1040/1251/1271 crt Projectors

Videowall Crt Cubes : Pioneer + Toshiba

CRT Projection installations and re-alignments

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We can now supply for rental, the Barco 2850 digital Monitor , its a  4x3 CRT Monitor cube screen , this screen comes with a standard RGBS input and with an additional box the monitor will except the following signals from a dvd or PC - : Composite video, Svhs, Component and  PC VGA input.

The monitors are  black cased,  have a 28inch crt 4x3 screen - these monitors are digital controlled, with this the tvs can be colour and sized matched to within 99% of each other, the monitors can be used in single or videowall configuration.

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